Ali Nafisi, Engineering Analyst

My name is Ali Nafisi. I graduated from Linneaus University in Mechanical Engineering (Master of Science, 2010). I am lucky to be called for an interview by a job finder company called, Bravura, for an open job vacancy at Validus Engineering for an Engineer analyst in structure department. FEMs are a big deal and modern approaches in solving practical and most likely complicated problems nowadays. So it had been always my passion to work in this area.

Since I had different practical experience in oil and gas industry in Iran especially in refinery and gas plants, I could not be happier when I realized that most of Validus work aspects are related to this kind of industry.  My tasks entirely are done by the computer. Practically, I am working with different software in order to prepare and analyses the model, extract the results, analyze and discuss the results and finally issue them.

I was welcomed and supported to gain more experience with the software I had never worked before by friendly staff of the company on the first days. I do not know of a lot of companies which are willing to take the risk of investing on new graduates therefore, I am grateful that Validus is ready to give passionate Engineers like myself a chance to prove themselves.  Additionally I have been enjoying knowledgeable and instructive atmosphere in Validus which I assume is the key of success for this company.