Company policy

Validus Engineering provides qualified technical consultant services in the areas of mechanical design and numerical simulations. Our quality work is based on the principle: to do the right thing the first time and always live up to, or exceed, the customers’ expectations. The structured quality work is an integrated part of our activities. Guided by our Quality System we are committed to:

  •  Satisfying our customers’ needs and demands regarding:
    • the quality of the products and services delivered
    • the timeliness of delivery
    • the service level and availability
  • Fulfilling the documented internal activity goals
  • Continuously improving our internal quality and environmental work
  • Continuously strengthen and widen our special competencies
  • Regularly developing and improving existing working methods
  • Working towards environmental improvements
  • Preventing errors, immediately correcting mistakes and learning from experiences
  • Complying to legal and other demands and recommendations from authorities

Each task must be carried out in a way that it constitutes a good reference for Validus Engineering and for the employees.