Sebastian Borgström, Engineering Designer

I first heard about Validus Engineering through a friend of mine who is also an employee at Validus, he told me about the exciting work they were doing and that he thought the company would be perfect for someone with my background and interests. My background includes a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. While studying my main focus was towards courses related to product development and numerical simulations. After learning more about Validus I agreed with my friend and was ultimately very happy to get a chance to work in an environment with so much experience in both of these areas.


During an ordinary day at Validus I spend the majority of my time working in one or another 3D CAD software. I often get to switch between different software depending on our customer’s wishes. The work I do on a daily basis can be anything from creating 3D models for our CSM department to creating drawings or doing mechanical design. I also spend my time in meetings with my co-workers or writing on presentations and creating different reports.

At Validus Engineering I get to work in a stimulating environment with experienced and friendly co-workers. A very structural and professional way of working together with a shared focus towards improving keeps me motivated and make sure I enjoy my work.