Structural Analysis

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Validus Engineering has got great expertise of consulting services within the area of advanced Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM). Within the company is extensive experience from industries spreading over wide areas such as

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Formula One
  • Medical
  • Nuclear power
  • Offshore
  • Process
  • Transportation


We are utilizing modern techniques and tools to perform all kinds of simulations involving fatigue assessment, strength capacity, shock simulations, earthquake simulations and more. The level of complexity ranges from highly dynamic non-linear crash analyses to ordinary static linear analyses. We also have the tools to perform multi physic analyses.

Our engineers have the knowledge it takes to understand our customers’ needs and to assist them in an efficient way. Our offices in Sweden and Norway have provided solutions to more than 200 industrial customers.

The CSM group is working in close collaboration with the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) group at Validus Engineering which enables us to perform FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) analyses. This possibility has successfully been utilized in several projects. A few examples are listed below.

– Wave in bridge analyses. Verification and reinforcement of the structural integrity of offshore bridges being exposed to high waves.


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Offshore Industry

Validus Engineering has got experience within the offshore industry stretching back to the end of the 1990s. During this time we have been involved in projects related to

Fatigue assessment of jacket structures. We run both local joint analyses using ANSYS and global jacket structure analyses using ROSAP.Push over analyses of jacket structures using LS DYNA.Fatigue assessment of wellheads. We run both local analyses of the wellhead using ANSYS and global analyses of the vessel and riser using RIFLEX.Strength capacity analyses of wellheads using ANSYS and RIFLEX.Fatigue assessment of crane pedestals and support structures using ANSYS.Wave in bridge analyses using LS DYNA. The wave load input is generated by the CFD group using ANSYS FLUENT.


Energy Industry

Constructing and power increase of nuclear power plants demands that high standards are met regarding the verification of structural parts. We have experience from performing such verifications of components both within and outside the reactor tank. Examples of this are different pipe connections, core grid, reactor tank lid and pipe suspensions. Such verification involves transient thermal analyses as well as structural analyses performed in ANSYS.

We also have experience from structural verification of offshore and onshore wind power stations. We have been involved in several different projects involving wave loading related fatigue damage, transportation, strength of steel during fire and more.


Automotive Industry.

Validus Engineering has got extensive experience in running crash analyses. We have been involved in the development of components used by many different car manufacturers. Mainly we use LS DYNA as a tool for running these analyses.

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