Structural Analysis

Structural Mechanics and Thermal analyses is nowadays an essential activity in product development projects, being used for design evaluation, verification & validation and design space exploration within industry. The success of the implementing the analyses in any projects lies in making value from and confidence in the performed analyses.

Validus Engineering has successfully completed several hundred projects for our customers by utilizing modern techniques and tools to perform analyses involving; fatigue assessments, ultimate and accidental limit state structural integrity evaluations, wellhead simulations, verification of structural parts to standards and regulations and so forth. The level of complexity ranges from highly dynamic non-linear crash analyses to ordinary static linear analyses whatever is the most appropriate and efficient for the customer. Furthermore we take great pride in our competence within fluid-structure interaction analyses (FSI), i.e. where fluids effect the structure and/or viceversa.

Validus Engineering has extensive experience of providing the industry consulting services within the area of Structural Mechanics and Thermal analyses. Our main areas of expertise include applications in industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy (Nuclear power, Wind)
  • Medical
  • Offshore
  • Process
  • Transportation
  • Consumer products

Given our long experience, diverse areas of expertise, and extensive computational resources Validus Engineering has a solid foundation for taking on your particular challenges.