Engineering Design

Validus Engineering offers services in a wide range of industries. We provide our Customers with complete solutions regarding product development in the areas of Industrial plants, Consumer products or Transportation systems.

We support our customers in their product development cycle. This means we provide the knowledge in designing complex mechanical systems containing components made of

  • Injection moulded plastics
  • Cast aluminium/steel
  • Sheet metal and standard beam sections

We provide all necessary documentation for manufacturing, such as assembly-drawings, detailed drawings and 3D-models. Together with our partners we use rapid prototyping to produce complex prototypes made of SLS with the help of advanced 3D-printers.

Validus Engineering uses the latest most advanced 3D modelling systems on the market. We use Creo, SolidWorks and SpaceClaim to produce detailed components and overall assemblies. We handle complex 3D solid CAD models such as double curved surfaces with class-A surface criteria (high level of curvature continuity) and large construction assemblies. We prepare manufacturing documentation in form of 2D-drawings and 3D interactive models, for example eDrawings, PDF, STEP, Parasolid and DWG-files.