Validus Engineering provides customer-driven solutions to complex multiphysical problems where the different physics interact through non-standard or non-linear couplings.

By combining our expertise in COMSOL Multiphysics and our ability to extend its functionality with our in-depth knowledge of physics we have helped our clients realize the value of computational analysis to improving their product and processes.

Each specific problem has unique requirements which demand flexible approaches to obtain profound solutions. We pride ourselves on rapid response to our clients’ pressing problems which allow engineers and technical leaders to make product development and validation decisions in a time critical manner.

Our multiphysical capabilities and technical expertise centralizes in the following areas:

  • Heat transfer: Conduction, convection and radiation; conjugate heat transfer; thermal-structure and thermal-fluid coupling; phase change.
  • Electro-magnetics: Electric and magnetic field analysis for DC, AC, RF and microwave; interactions over extended frequency range; electrostatic force calculation using ALE
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): Laminar and turbulent flow including chemical reaction.
  • Chemical Species Transport: Single and multi-phase transport of diluted species; flow in porous media.